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Friday, October 12, 2012

Mother Board

 What is a Mother Board?

In reality, the mother board or sometimes called the mainboard, is the guts to your computer. It is the physical board that contains the CPU (Central Processing Unit), the BIOS, CMOS and hardware necessary to operate the computer. All your components are attached to in in one way or another.

Common Motherboard problems.

Unlike most components of the computer, the motherboard can be tricky to diagnose. Problems can range from the computer not starting to erratic behavior. When checking for problems always use the wall-to-component method of diagnostics. This is the oldest and still the best way to diagnose any computer problem. CAUTION: Always make sure that your computer is plugged in, turned off, and you are grounded prior to opening the computer. Also, as you complete each step in the diagnostic process try starting the computer. At this point you are ready to open the computer. CAUTION: be careful not to drop anything into the computer, bend any components, or touch anything you do not need to. Normally there will be four screws in the back of the computer that you must remove, be careful not to remove the four screws that surround the fan, these are for the power supply, you may need to consult your users manual to find out how to remove the cover. Once you have the cover removed, check the plug(s) from the power supply to the motherboard, make sure they/it are secure. Once you have reached this point, and the computer still will not start the only option you have is to try replacing these components to find out if they are the problem. Remove all components including the modem card, sound card and any other component installed in slots on the motherboard. Leave the video card installed and try starting the computer. If the computer starts you know it is one of the components causing the problem, reinstall the components one and a time and try to start the computer each time. If non of this works, try installing a new or used video card. If this does not work, chances are that the problem is the motherboard and you will have to replace it.
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