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Friday, October 12, 2012

Microsoft DOT (.) NET platform

Microsoft .NET is a software development platform based on virtual machine based architecture. Dot net is designed from the scratch to support programming language independent application development. The entire .NET programs are independent of any particular operating system and physical hardware machine. They can run on any physical machine, running any operating system that contains the implementation of .NET Framework. The core component of the .NET framework is its Common Language Runtime (CLR), which provides the abstraction of execution environment (Physical machine and Operating System) and manages the overall execution of any of the .NET based program.

With dot NET, Microsoft introduces a completely new architecture for Windows applications (WinForm), Data Access (ADO.NET), Web Applications (ASP.NET), Windows components (Assemblies), Distributed Applications (.NET remoting), and above all the XML based Web Services. The famous figure for the representation of dot net is presented below:

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