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Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27 - The Day in History - What Happend

December 27 : General Interest
1932: Radio City Music Hall opens

At the height of the Great Depression, thousands turn out for the opening of Radio City Music Hall, a magnificent Art Deco theater in New York City... read more

American Revolution
1780 : Americans raid Hammonds Store

1941 : Office of Price Administration begins to ration automobile tires

Civil War
1864 : Confederate General Hood's army crosses the Tennessee River

Cold War
1979 : Soviets take over in Afghanistan

1900 : Carry Nation smashes bar

1975 : Coal mine explodes in India

General Interest
1831 : HMS Beagle departs England
1968 : Apollo 8 returns to Earth
1978 : Spanish king ratifies democratic constitution
2007 : Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto assassinated

1927 : Agnes Nixon, "Queen of Modern Soap Opera," born

1904 : Peter Pan, by James Barrie, opens in London

1895 : The legend of "Stagger Lee" is born

Old West
1846 : Doniphan's Thousand takes El Paso

1944 : FDR seizes control of Montgomery Ward

2004 : Peyton Manning breaks single-season touchdown pass record

Vietnam War
1966 : U.S. and South Vietnamese troops attack Viet Cong stronghold
1969 : U.S. and North Vietnamese forces battle near Loc Ninh.

World War I
1918 : Poles take up arms against German troops in Poznan

World War II
1942 : Germans form the Smolensk Committee to enlist Soviet soldiers

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