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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 25 - The Day in History - What Happend

December 25 : General Interest
1914: The Christmas Truce

Just after midnight on Christmas morning, the majority of German troops engaged in World War I cease firing their guns and artillery and commence to sing Christmas carols... read more

American Revolution
1776 : Washington crosses the Delaware

1880 : Layne Hall is born; will become oldest licensed driver in United States

Civil War
1862 : Union soldier Elisha Hunt Rhodes writes about Christmas

Cold War
1991 : Gorbachev resigns as president of the USSR

1996 : Young JonBenet Ramsey is murdered

2000 : Christmas party in China turns deadly

General Interest
6 B.C. : Christ is born?

1962 : To Kill a Mockingbird debuts

1996 : Jimmy Buffett departs on a cruise that inspires A Pirate Looks at Fifty

1941 : Bing Crosby introduces "White Christmas" to the world

Old West
1869 : John Wesley Hardin kills over a card game

1776 : Washington leads troops on raid at Trenton, New Jersey

2002 : Katie Hnida is first woman to play in Division I football game

Vietnam War
1966 : Harrison Salisbury reports on damage caused by U.S. bombing
1972 : Linebacker II resumes after Christmas pause

World War I
1914 : Enemies exchange Christmas greetings

World War II
1941 : British surrender Hong Kong
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