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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Gandhi in his childhood
Gandhi in his teens
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in South Africa in 1895
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as Lawyer
Gandhi in Videshi outfit at 19 years of age
Young and handsome Gandhi
Gandhi with his wife Kasturba after returning from South Africa
Gandhi with his collegues in South Africa
Mohandas Gandhi with his friends in South Africa
Gandhi and his wife Kasturba
Gandhi preaching a group of people
Gandhi interacting with his followers sitting in a train
Gandhi in Downing Street, England
Gandhi in Downing Street , London , UK
Gandhi giving speech to his followers
Gandhi on Salt March
Gandhi on Dandi March
Gandhiji lifting the salt
Mahatma Gandhi with a facial expression of peace
Gandhi with his supporters in the train
Gandhiji with two women Manu and Abha
Gandhiji on a walk with Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
The two women Manu and Abha as his walking sticks
Gandhi-Nehru on a happy mood
Gandhiji and Nehruji on serious discussions for attaining independence to India
Gandhiji addressing the huge gatherings pertaining to Salt Satyagraha
Gandhiji with Jinnah in 1944
Gandhiji popularly known as Bapu with a sweet smile
Gandhiji along with his followers for Salt Satyagraha
A young boy leads Gandhiji for a walk
Gandhiji spinning the wheel
Bapu reading newspaper
Gandhi and Kasturba in their old age
Gandhiji on fast
Bapu’s last walk for his prayer on January 30, 1948
Mahatma Gandhi – The Father of India (1869-1948)
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