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Friday, November 16, 2012

Chinese Beautiful Fields

A place in the North East of Kunming Capital city of Yunnan Province. Because of remoteness and lack of infrastructure and lodging etc, Listed in the tourist map of China.
Because the soil contains such components as oxidized Iron, it has This extra-ordinary rich red color.
Here in the mountains and hills, every inch of land is cultivated and Planted to the maximum by the inhabitants.
Dongchuan Red Land represents Yunnan mountain valley's most Attractive colours.
Multicolor Waves - so magnificent!
Crops on the Red Land - such as potatoes, oats, corn, oil flower Vegetables, different colour crops so arranged - when looking from afar, it seems like God painted them on a cloth so full of gorgeous Colour.
Each family was distributed with different size and shape of land. Each has its own preference, kinds of crops. This Mail Was Posted in funship group.That caused and produced this Beautiful pieces of colours. During harvest time, the soil is shovelled up and makes this unusually red colour.
In September, white colour oil flowers are in bloom on the whole Mountain. It is a pity they covered up the beautiful red colour. The best time for sightseeing tour is middle of November
The whole mountain is like covering with a beautiful colored cloth. How I wish to lie down enjoying the breeze and looking at the Ever-changing clouds in the sky.
Early in the morning, donkey-ridden cart full of harvest transporting to The town, while a few of the children walking toward the different Direction to school.
A melody kind of view.
Different seasons, different time, different sunlight, produce different Kind of colours.
Just like a mixing a colour plate, so bright and splendid.
Rare opportunity to see the burning clouds, I set up my camera and Got it.
The donkey did not want to work with the bull, The poorer farmer used a horse to take the place of the donkey. Later I knew that since different kinds of animals had different temperaments, They were used together to control each other. This Mail Was Posted in funship group.If one of them refused To move, the other one would force it. I think such an ancient method Could only be seen here.
Good kid helping to harvest vegetables to bring home before sunset.
This hollowed place is the most distinct part of the land. In order to promote tourism it was named Lexiaguo (meaning the Place where beautiful colours set).
A town in Lexiaguo.
The curve-like crops' lines enhanced more clearly by the red soil.
The watermark belongs to the photographer or his studio. Remarkable!
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