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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21 - The Day in History

January 21 : General Interest
1977: President Carter pardons draft dodgers

On this day in 1977, U.S. President Jimmy Carter grants an unconditional pardon to hundreds of thousands of men who evaded the draft during the Vietnam War... read more

American Revolution
1738 : Ethan Allen is born

2009 : Toyota officially passes GM as planet's biggest car maker

Civil War
1863 : Rebels recapture Sabine Pass

Cold War
1950 : Alger Hiss convicted of perjury

1959 : Switzer of Our Gang murdered

1996 : Ferry sinks off Indonesian coast

General Interest
1793 : King Louis XVI executed
1924 : Vladimir Lenin dies
1976 : Concorde takes off

1998 : Hilary Swank moves on

1985 : Don DeLillo's White Noise wins the American Book Award

1957 : Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts introduce America to Patsy Cline

Old West
1855 : Gun designer John Browning is born

1977 : Carter pardons draft dodgers

1990 : John McEnroe disqualified from the Australian Open

Vietnam War
1968 : Battle for Khe Sanh begins

World War I
1924 : Vladimir Ilyich Lenin dies

World War II
1867 : General Weygand is born


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