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Friday, January 18, 2013

Project IGI 3 - The Plan | Free Download

Project IGI 3 - The Plan | Free Download

IGI 3 - Th3 Plan is not an IGI original first person shooter game. IGI 3 is developed by the third party. After IGI 1 and IGI 2 the IGI series is closed. As IGI 1  and IGI 2 is developed by Innerloop studios.  After releasing IGI 2 - Covert Strike in March 2003 the Innerloop studios shuttered its door in june 2003. And now there is no chance that another IGI game sequel will be released.



Download Project IGI 3 - Th3 Plan>>>>>      Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Solved: IGI 3-the plan game Rotated Screen problem - 
Step 1:
open the folder where you have installed the game.
Step 2:
Find the file "Settings.ini" if you can't find it then copy "DefaultSettings.ini" and paste it and rename it to "Settings.ini".
Step 3:
Open the file "Settings.ini" and make changes as below:
Step 4:
Save the settings and run your game.
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