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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Types of Indian Snakes

Common Rat Snake -Ptyas mucosa - indian snake picture
Spectacled Cobra - Naja naja - picture of indian cobra  Venomous  or poisonous snake form india
Indian Rat Snake
Common Cobra
Common Krait
checkered Keel back  - water snake - Xenochrophis piscator
Russells viper  - Daboia russelii
Common Krait  - Bangarus caeruleus - Krait in India - picture and photo
Checkered Keelback
Russell's Viper
Common Wolf Snake
Common Trinket Snake (Coelognathus helena helana
Common Kukri Snake (Oligodon arnensis
Saw-scaled viper - Echis carinatus
Common Trinket Snake
Common Kukri Snake
Red  Sand boa (Eryx jhonii)
Common Sand boa (Gongylophis concicus)
Indian Rock Python  Python molurus molurus
Red Sand Boa
Common Sand Boa
Indian Rock Python
Regionaly Common Species
Banded Racer  - Argyrogena fasciolata
Common Bronzeback Tree Snake Dendrelaphis tristis
Banded Krait Bunguraus fasciatus
Banded Racer
Common Bronzeback Tree Snake
Banded Krait
Painted Bronzeback Tree Snake  - Dendrelaphis pictus
Bamboo Pit Viper  Trimeresurus gramineus
Green Keelback - Marcopisthodon plumbiclor
Painted Bronzeback Tree Snake
Bamboo Pit Viper
Green Keelback
Large-scaled Shieldtail  Uropeltis macrolepis macrolepis
Dog-faced Water Snake (Cerberus rynchops)
Monocled Cobra
Large-scaled Shieldtail
Dog-faced Water Snake
Monocled Cobra
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